Get answers to the most frequently asked financial questions about Cigna
Does Cigna issue quarterly earnings reports?

Yes. Cigna files quarterly reports with the SEC. See Quarterly Reports and SEC Filings for details.

Can individual investors listen to the conference call with analysts?

Yes, Cigna's earnings conference call with analysts is webcast live at the time of the call and available for a period of time after the announcement.  The most recent earnings conference call can be accessed in the Cigna Investor Events section.

How do I get a copy of the Annual Report?

Cigna's annual report, Form 10-K, Form 10-Q and Proxy Statements are available on our website; simply go to the Annual Reports and Proxy Statements page to view and/or download an electronic version, or go to the Literature Request page to request a hard copy.

How can I get a copy of your SEC filings?

You can go to the Quarterly Reports and SEC Filings page of this website to view and/or download any filings.

Where can I find the archive of Cigna financial statements?

Go to the Quarterly Reports and SEC Filings section of this website.

Does Cigna offer a direct stock purchase program?

Yes. Cigna stock may be purchased at any time from our broker:

BNY Mellon Shareowner Services

P.O. Box 358015

Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8015, USA

800.760.8864 (Domestic)

201.680.6535 (International)

Does Cigna pay a cash dividend?

Cigna issues an annual dividend on its common stock. The dividend for 2013 was $0.04 a share, payable on April 10, 2013 to shareholders of record as of March 12, 2013.

Does Cigna have a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP)?


Where is Cigna stock traded?

Cigna common shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CI.

How can I get the current Cigna stock price?

Go to the Cigna stock ticker or search for an historical stock price in our Investor Relations section.

Whom should I contact regarding my stock certificate(s), lost stock certificates or a transfer of stock to another person?

If you have any questions about these and other administrative issues, please contact:

BNY Mellon Shareowner Services

P.O. Box 358015

Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8015, USA

800.760.8864 (Domestic)

201.680.6535 (International)

When was the last annual shareholders’ meeting?

April 23, 2014.

When is the next annual shareholders’ meeting?

April 22, 2015 at the Windsor Marriott Hotel, Ballroom 4, 28 Day Hill Road, Windsor, CT 06095

Is there currently any preferred stock outstanding?


Where are shareholder notices from Cigna mailed?

If you have stock certificates or hold shares directly with BNY Mellon Investor Services, any shareholder mailings from Cigna are sent to the address on file with BNY Mellon. To verify your address please contact BNY Mellon directly. It is your responsibility to ensure that your address is current at all times. If BNY Mellon is unable to contact you with shareholder notices because your current address is not on file with them, you risk having your shares escheated to the state of your last known residence and losing all rights to your shares in accordance with certain state laws.

When was Cigna incorporated?

Cigna was incorporated November 3, 1981.

What was the effective date of the last stock split?

Since the formation of Cigna in 1982, there have been two stock splits.  The first one was a 3-for-1 stock split with a Record Date of May 4, 1998, which means that shareholders on this date were entitled to receive two additional shares due to the split.  The Ex Date, when Cigna common shares started trading at the new split-adjusted price, was May 15, 1998. 

The last stock split was also a 3-for-1 split.  The Record Date was May 21, 2007, and the Ex Date was June 4, 2007.

Are there any personal income tax consequences as a result of a stock split?

There are no tax consequences to U.S. residents as a result of the stock split. The tax basis of each share owned after the stock split is one-third of what it was before the split. For example, if you owned 100 shares before the split with a tax basis of $30 per share, after the split you would own 300 shares of stock with a tax basis of $10 per share. Foreign residents should consult their local tax advisors.

How does a stock split affect the number of shares outstanding and the future calculation of earnings per share?

When stock splits on a three-for-one basis, the number of shares outstanding may triple. Earnings per share are a third of what they otherwise would have been as the net earnings are divided into three times as many shares.

What is Cigna's fiscal year?

Cigna follows the calendar year; the fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31.

What is Cigna's mission statement?

As a global health service company, we at Cigna are passionate about doing the right things for our customers, shareholders, and communities around the world. This passion drives our mission: to help the people we serve improve their health, well-being, and sense of security.

Can Cigna shareholders receive discounts when purchasing medical, disability, life, or other benefits/insurance from Cigna?


Who are the members of Cigna's Board of Directors?

Visit our Board of Directors section for current information on Cigna Corporation’s board.

What are the board committees and their members?

Please see our Committees of the Board section for more information on board committees and members.

Who are Cigna's independent auditors?

Cigna's independent registered public accounting firm is PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.  Shareholders last ratified the appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP on April 25, 2012.