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Smaller Employers

Get health in line with Cigna plans for 51 to 250 employees*. We want to help you increase wellness, save money and control costs.

Medium Employers

Improve performance with the help of easy-to-use health benefit plans. Read about tailored services and flexible funding solutions.

Large Employers

Design health care strategies that support your business. See how Cigna can help you improve health and lower costs.

Global Employers

Cigna offers service in 150 languages and local expertise. Review international services for your global employees.

State & Local Government

Governments can experience better health and lower costs. Flexible offerings are designed to fit your unique needs.


Perform better with help sustaining costs and improving health. We offer tailored benefits to achieve organizational health and meet cost management goals.

Taft-Hartley/Federal Plans

Get help enhancing health with our network, support and wellness programs. Discover our large selection of benefit services for Taft-Hartley and Federal plans.

Higher Education

Gain a competitive edge when every employee performs at their best. See how Cigna plans and services can drive results.

Products & Services

Find solutions that fit your needs with the help of our group health plans and services. Cigna offers medical, dental, disability, vision and more.

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