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Your life may be located away from home—in another time zone—but your health care services are right online. Cigna’s secure online customer service center Cigna Envoy® keeps your health care in line anywhere, anytime. What’s a healthier solution than that?

File claims in any language and get reimbursed in a variety of currencies.

With Cigna Envoy® direct deposit, you don’t have to wait for reimbursement in the mail, or go to a bank.

To sign up for direct claims deposits:

1. Log in to

2. Go to the “Customer Service” tab

3. Select “Sign up for ePayment Plus” or “Sign up for wire transfer”

4. Submit completed form

International network

The Cigna international network combines our global health care providers with International SOS, a provider of emergency response and support services. You can access more than 650,000 Cigna providers and 15,000 International SOS providers outside of the U.S.

Search our global network of health care professionals

Learn more about International SOS on its website

Global case management

Cigna has customized case management services for select countries. Learn more about how we manage care in your country. Contact us.

Wellness worldwide

Staying healthy is how you stay your best, and it’s a priority for us, too. Customers have access to wellness programs in 170 countries available to you 24/7, 365 through our trusted vendor, Workplace Options.

See what Workplace Options offers you on its website

Second opinions matter

As part of our international health insurance coverage, when you are outside your home country, we give you access to an online second opinion to help you feel more confident when talking about care options with your doctor.

Listen to a podcast about Cigna second opinion services

Learn more about the Cleveland eClinic on its website

Tools for global benefits

You want to know about your health care before you arrive, so we prepared the answers for you. Cigna explains how international health care benefits and services work in many places like Africa, Brazil, China, Spain, South East Asia, Australia and the Middle East. It’s distinct service for unique individuals like you.

See and share information about expat benefits with CignaLinks videos

It’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle abroad. We can show you how. CignaEnvoy includes Compass, a guide that offers on-screen text, audio and video how-tos on using Cigna benefits and tools.

View a video about Cigna Compass

Clear communication

Our tools help you stay informed about Cigna International health care and—best of all—they are easy to understand.

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