Cigna Medical Group Spotlight

Dr. John Ferguson, Podiatry

What is the name of your hometown?
I grew up in Glendora, which is right out side of Los Angeles, CA. I attended the University of Osteopathic Med in Iowa, Podiatric medicine and surgery

How did you end up in Arizona?
I came to Arizona during my residency, which I completed at the VA hospital in Phoenix.

How did you choose your area of specialty?
I had an interest in surgery and sports medicine, while in college I needed to fulfill a pre-med course in order to get into the medical program. Different specialists would come in to lecture to the students. This was great, as it gave the whole picture of what to expect during med school. I found a connection with the podiatrist that came in to lecture to us. Ever since, I've had a great interest in the podiatric medicine and surgery.

Do you have any unique interests within your specialty?
My interest lies in diabetic wounds and wound care. Most of my patients are diabetic patients and I like the idea of helping them feel better by addressing their foot wounds. I also enjoy surgery.

What made you decide to work for CMG?
After my residency, I was looking for a place where I could have a career. I was looking for a practice that would allow me to focus on my patients, and a place where I would have colleagues that were focused on working together as a team. A lot of my classmates and friends jumped right into private practice and then moved from one private practice to another private practice - didn't want to do that. My focus lies on my patients and I didn't want to have to worry about running a business at the same time.

Any special tips for our patients?
While we live in a warm outdoor climate, it's important to remember that flip flops are not an all day every day shoe. A good supportive shoe should be chosen for all day every day wear. Look for a good supportive athletic/walking style shoe. Many manufacturers now make great sandals that offer a good support. When choosing styles for work, look for dress shoes that have quality comfort. Having the right shoe can alleviate some of the heel pain, so many of my patients are faced with.