Cigna Medical Group Spotlight

Dr. Susan Pansing, Neurology

What is your hometown?
I grew up in North Miami Beach, Florida and I maintain good friendships from my elementary to High School days there. I plan to attend my 30th High School Reunion this Fall.

I continued my education at the University of Florida and completed my medical degree from the University of Miami.

When I was 28 years old I left Florida for a one year Internship at Harvard's Cambridge Hospital and then completed my Neurology Residency at Boston University.

What brought you out to Phoenix?
My husband attended ASU for his Masters in Architecture. While he was here, we both fell in love with the desert. When I completed my residency I happily traded the cold Boston winters for the Valley's desert gardening and hiking trails.

How did you choose specialty?
I was a journalism major who enjoyed talking to people one-on-one while researching feature articles. This led to an interest initially in Psychiatry. After meeting my first patient with severe psychosis in Medical School I quickly changed my mind! In retrospect, my decision to become a Neurologist was influenced by a good friend's car accident in which he suffered a closed head injury. He was a very bright and charming young man who eventually awoke from a coma with severe personality changes. As he slowly recovered with rehabilitation, I developed a reverence for the brain's complexity and importance.

What made you decide to work at CMG?
Working at CMG allows me to pursue my professional goals and have enough time to enjoy my family. When I am not seeing patients I keep very busy with the activities of my three children (Kathryn age 15, Sarah age 10 and Justin age 3)

I am lucky to have an amazing support staff and I love being part of a multi-specialty group. Being able to easily consult with my colleagues here at CMG enables me to provide excellent care for my patients.

Do you have any tips for our patients?
I encourage my patients to be proactive with their health and their medical care. There is a strong connection between Neurologic disorders and emotional well being. I strongly advise my patients to exercise regularly throughout the week and to schedule some "me" time so that they can better cope with any disease or stress in their life.