Cigna Medical Group Spotlight

Dr. Steve Sardo Internal Medicine, The Pointe

What is your hometown? / Where did you grow up?
I am originally from the Los Angeles area and completed my undergraduate studies in Northern California. I attended the University of California at Davis, Major in Economics and Minor in Biological Sciences. This major allowed me to explore many different areas of study.

What brought you to Phoenix?
I decided to come to Phoenix because I enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities. The warm weather and the diverse habitats Arizona has to offer was especially appealing. I like to hike and there are plenty of options here in the Phoenix area.

Where did you attend Medical School? What is your fondest Medical School Memory?
I attended Tufts University Medical School in Boston. My fondest memories center around my clinical years, and learning how to communicate and collaborate with patients.

How did you choose your area of Specialty?
My medical school's continuity of care program enabled long term follow up of community patients that I was able to see in both an inpatient and outpatient setting. I was able to learn about my patients medical conditions in great detail, and just as importantly, about their personalities and personal preferences.

Do you have any areas of special interest?
I particularly enjoy coordinating care for seniors. Our Medicare patients are engaged in their health care and seek a partnership with their physicians, it is a pleasure to identify and meet individual needs in this context.

What made you decide to work at CMG?
I found Cigna Medical Group attractive because of the large number of resources and information available to me. As a primary care provider, it is important that I can connect my patients with extra information and programs that deliver the best possible patient care. Cigna Medical Group is certified as a Patient-Centered Medical Home by the NCQA, and this means that as a primary care provider I am the go-to person to help direct all aspects of their care. Whether my patients are trying to cope with a chronic condition or just want to stay on a healthy track, I have access to resource that connect my patients with the things they need to achieve their goals.

What has been your best experience working at CMG?
My best experiences at Cigna Medical Group has been developing and implementing strategies that ensure high patient satisfaction and the better clinical outcomes. I take patient satisfaction very seriously and in order to achieve this, I constantly communicate with patients, their families, as well as other clinicians.

Tips to stay on track with healthy New Year's resolutions:
Make sure your New Year's resolutions to improve your health are achievable. Try to set realistic goals that you can accomplish gradually. Accept that there may be some setbacks and acknowledge that it is ok to start again. If you have any questions on how to set realistic and achievable health goals, let me know. We can work together to set up a successful plan.