Medicare covers 2 types of counseling:

  • Intermediate cessation counseling is 3 to 10 minutes per session; and
  • Intensive cessation counseling is greater than 10 minutes per session.

Medicare will cover 2 quit attempts per year. Each quit attempt may include a maximum of 4 intermediate or intensive counseling sessions, with the total annual benefit covering up to 8 sessions in a 12-month period. The health care provider and patient have the flexibility to choose between intermediate and intensive counseling.

To be eligible to receive this benefit, a beneficiary must have a condition that is adversely affected by smoking or tobacco use, or that the metabolism or dosing of a medication that is being used to treat a condition the beneficiary has is being adversely affected by his or her smoking or tobacco use.

In addition, Medicare Part D will also cover smoking cessation treatments prescribed by a physician. However, over-the-counter treatments, such as nicotine patches or gum, will not be covered.

In addition to this Medicare counseling benefit, our physicians and their staff can facilitate referrals to the Arizona Smoker's Helpline (ASHLine). The ASHLine is a free counseling program to help you quit tobacco. The program helps tobacco users of all ages who are trying to quit or are thinking about quitting tobacco. You will receive educational materials and arrangements will be made for you to receive counseling over the phone at a time most convenient for you. Once a referral is made, a trained professional Helpline counselor will assess your needs and offer you a choice of services.

If you are ready to quit and you want counseling, you can arrange for counseling at a time most convenient for you.

We help you make it all happen at your convenience!

Cigna Medical Group's Smoking Cessation Meets with Amazing Success!

CMG implemented a comprehensive Tobacco Cessation and Referral Program in April of this year for our patients. Recently, we were recognized by the Arizona Smokers Helpline (ASHLine) as the number one referring healthcare system in Arizona for the months of June and July.

Since April, 2010, we have averaged 100 referrals to the ASHLine each month, helping at least that many patients quit smoking and lead a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle. The ASHline boasts a 34% quit rate three months post quitting. A special Congratulation goes to the top referring CMG Clinicians and their Teams: