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Many parents wonder what can be done if a problem is suspected. It's important to remember that our program is to screen your child, with the goal to identify children who are at risk or potentially have a developmental problem. Sometimes the problem is mild and the doctor or development specialist will suggest certain activities, exercises, or other interventions that can help. Then see how your child responds.

At other times, the child might be referred for more evaluation with a speech therapist, occupational/physical therapist, or developmental psychologist. Children up to age 3 with developmental delays may receive services and therapy from the Arizona Early Intervention Program. From age 3 to kindergarten, all school districts offer special preschool programs where children can receive speech, occupational, and physical therapy as well as other help. Both programs are free.

For emotional and psychological issues, your doctor or developmental specialist can help you find a behavioral health provider or work with you to solve problems. You can also contact www.cignabehavioral.com


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