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Developmental Screening

Cigna Medical Group Pediatrics recognizes the importance of developmental screening for all babies and young children. We were among the first in the country to implement a comprehensive screening plan. All children have the right, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, to be periodically screened for developmental delays or other problems. Our pediatricians incorporates screening tools and tests into all Well Child care visits. Click here to learn about the importance of screening.

At every Well Child visit—from 2 months until 5 years old—parents will be asked to fill out a form or questionnaire about your child's development. These forms (the Ireton system) are reviewed by your pediatrician and one of our child development specialists. If any problems are suspected, you will be encouraged to visit with the child development specialist for an evaluation. Research clearly shows that catching problems early is important.

At 9 months and 2 years old, your child will have the Well Child visit with a child development specialist. The specialist will perform a one-on-one evaluation (the Denver II test) to make sure everything is progressing well. You also will have a chance to get information about development, sleep, nutrition, behavior, and other issues. At the 2-year mark, your child will also be screened for autism with the mCHAT form. You can download the form from this site and fill it out prior to your appointment if you want. Of course, if there are any medical issues, you can also have a visit with the pediatrician in addition to the developmental visit. No referral is needed for a developmental screening, just call for an appointment.

Older Kids Need Screening Too

When school-age children come in for a well visit, parents are asked to fill out the Pediatric Screening Checklist. This is to check your child for any behavioral or emotional problems they may be experiencing. You can download that form from this site and fill it out before your visit. The pediatrician will score it and talk with you about how to find help if needed. Teens are at special risk for depression, so we encourage them fill out a depression inventory, also available for download here.


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