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Children's Health

Pediatric Patient Care

The Cigna Medical Group Pediatrics Department consist of a group of Board Certified Pediatricians and Child Development Specialists practicing out of 8 locations across the Valley. Our pediatricians specialize in infant, children and adolescents ranging from birth through age of 18. CMG Pediatrics recognizes the importance of developmental screening for all babies and young children. If you have concerns regarding your child's development, language or behavior, please contact Pediatrics Child Development.


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Child Development
Our child developmental specialists can also help with other needs. Feel free to make an appointment to discuss behavior problems, sleep issues, feeding, ADD, bed wetting and other concerns you may have. It is very helpful to bring Vanderbilt questionnaires (download from this site) that were completed by the child's teachers and parents. Upon the second appointment, we include the child and further testing will be done.

Awards and Recognition
Several of our health care centers are repeat winners of the Daniel T. Cloud Outstanding Practice Award for surpassing the recommended standards in immunization rates. Our pediatric group was the first in the valley to establish a protocol for screening Group B Strep in newborns. Our pediatric asthma management program won the 1998 Wyeth-Ayerst Hera Award, for recognition of outstanding efforts to improve health outcomes for children Read more about the many awards and honors our CMG Pediatrics Department has achieved, click here.


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