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Diabetes Education

Diabetes Self-Management Program

We offer the highest quality educational programs for those with diabetes. Our program has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). All of our individual and group education programs are conducted by Certified Diabetes Educators. All sites offering Diabetes Education have completed the approval process and are recognized by the American Diabetes Association as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education.

Individual Assessment
This one-on-one appointment with a Certified Diabetes Educator who will help you determine your individual education and management plan.

Class Series
After your individual assessment, you may elect to attend this comprehensive, personalized educational program addressing key issues in diabetes self-management. Family members are encouraged to attend as guests of class enrollees.

Individual or Group Follow-up
Upon completion of the basic class series, members may schedule an appointment to address individual needs or attend a group follow-up class.

Fast Track
This is a one time class that touches on the basics of diabetes in a fast-paced format. This class is offered approximately four times per year on a Saturday.

Diabetes Q & A Session
This is a two-hour session of questions and answers for those who are living with diabetes. General information is given on diet, exercise, and medications.

Continuing Diabetes Education Class
This class was designed for our members who have completed their basic diabetes class series but want to stay in touch with their diabetes education team.

Gestational Diabetes Education
If you are diagnosed with diabetes during your pregnancy, a Certified Diabetes Educator can teach you the principles of proper blood glucose control to help ensure the delivery of a healthy baby.

To make an appointment, register for a Diabetes Education Class, or receive more information, call 623.876.2355.


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