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Fall Prevention

One of the greatest fears among senior populations is the fear of falling. Statistics have shown that one in three older adults living at home fall each year. Falling can lead to hospitalization, increased medical costs, a loss of confidence, and/or a loss of independence. Therefore, Cigna Medical Group has a free Fall Prevention DVD for our Medicare Select customers to help decrease the chance of falling or develop a fear of falling.

The DVD reviews six different areas where you can decrease your chance of falling. This includes learning how to modify your home, eating a healthy diet, checking your vision and hearing regularly, medication interactions and physical activity.

If you would like a copy of the DVD, please talk to your doctor or request one at your next visit. If you do not have a DVD player, ask your doctor for an informational brochure about Fall Prevention. The brochure addresses the same topics as the DVD. Or watch the DVD online by clicking on the specific DVD chapter you are interested in below.

Fall Prevention - Introduction

Chapter 1: Home Modifications and Fall Prevention

Chapter 2: Physical Activity and Fall Prevention

Chapter 3: Medication Interactions and Fall Prevention

Chapter 4: Vision and Fall Prevention

Chapter 5: Hearing and Fall Prevention

Chapter 6: Healthy Eating and Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention - Summation


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