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Many of our health care centers include a pharmacy under the same roof with a complete assortment of brand name and generic medication and over-the-counter treatments. The pharmacists at each center work closely with your physician and support staff to maximize the convenience for you.

Cigna Medical Group patients can also refill prescriptions by phone any time - day or night. Just call the Pharmacy Automated Refill Line at 800.615.2905. The easy-to-follow prompts will lead you through the process. You can even choose to pick up your prescription order at any Cigna Medical Group Pharmacy location you want.

Patient Care
Our pharmacists work closely with your doctors and their staffs to make sure you quickly receive exactly what you need. In addition, Cigna Medical Group has three pharmacist-managed anti-coagulation clinics throughout the Valley. In 2007, Cigna Medical Group implemented an enhanced Medication Therapy Management Program for Cigna Healthcare for Seniors members through face-to-face interventions at our health care pharmacies.

Cigna Medical Group (CMG) has over 20 pharmacies throughout the Valley.
Even if your primary care provider is at a different CMG location or you have utilized a different CMG Pharmacy, any CMG Pharmacy location can access your pharmacy profile and fill any prescriptions you have with valid refills. You can use the most convenient location for you to pick up your medications. The pharmacy staff can fill your new prescriptions or also transfer your prescription refills for pickup and any of the CMG Pharmacy locations.

This is just another way CMG is working to provide premier care and service in the most convenient way possible.

All you do to start is call the pharmacy you would like to utilize. If you are not sure of the closest location or need information for a different CMG Pharmacy, call any of the locations and they will be glad to help.

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Requesting a Refill for a Medication
Cigna Medical Group patients can request a medication refill by:

  • Calling the Pharmacy Automated Refill Line at 800.615.2905. The easy-to-follow prompts will lead you through the process. You can even choose to pick up your prescription order at any of our Cigna Medical Group Pharmacy locations.

Do you have a Prescription Benefit that is not with Cigna?
The Cigna Medical Group (CMG) Pharmacy may be able to fill your prescriptions. Stop by today and find out if we participate in your pharmacy network for your prescription coverage.

Did You Know?

Ask your Cigna Medical Group Pharmacist: Allergy Season

It is beautiful out this time of year. It is warm enough to start hiking, biking, and going for an after dinner walk, without the blistering heat that is awaiting us in the summer. Unfortunately, all our blooming plants love this time of year as well, and with those blooms come allergies.

The variety of allergy medication at your local Cigna Medical Group pharmacy can be overwhelming, however our helpful pharmacists are always available to answer any questions you may have and can help lead you in the right direction.

The best way to reduce allergies is to avoid whatever is causing them. Be specific with your symptoms and what makes them worse when talking with our pharmacists. Does your nose run like crazy after playing with the dog? Do your eyes get red and itchy after watching your kids play soccer? These details will help the pharmacist direct you to the most appropriate therapy. It is beneficial to only take medications you need for your specific symptoms.

It is also important to mention your other health conditions when talking with your pharmacist. While these may not seem important in dealing with your allergies, some of the medications used to treat them can cause problems for specific conditions. For example, some nasal decongestants should not be used if you have high blood pressure or a history of stroke.

It is also crucial to mention how often you experience allergy symptoms. If they are just occasional, a medication used to treat your symptoms would probably be best. However, if your symptoms are occurring more often, you may want a medicine to help prevent them from occurring in the first place, especially if you will be in an environment that typically makes your allergies worse.

To find the best treatment for you, some other questions you may want to discuss with your Cigna Medical Group pharmacist regarding your allergies are:

Are there particular side effects associated with this drug?
If the package says not to drive, why is that, and do I have to follow that?
Are there medications or supplements I should not take with this?
Is there a better time of day to take the medicine?
Is this OK to give my kids as well?
Will over the counter medications help me, or do I need to see the doctor?
Is this to prevent my symptoms or used to treat them once they occur?
What's the difference between the brand name and the generic version?
How will my herbal supplements affect my allergy medications?

Ask our Cigna Medical Group pharmacist for a recommendation for your symptoms today.


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