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March 2011


New Value Prescription Drug List

CIGNA Pharmacy is introducing the Value Prescription Drug List (VPDL) as an alternative to the Standard Prescription Drug List (SPDL). The new list was developed in response to clients seeking lower-cost pharmacy benefit plans. Clients will select one of the two drug lists when they purchase CIGNA Pharmacy coverage. Beginning in May 2011, your patients with CIGNA Pharmacy coverage may have a plan that uses the VPDL.


The VPDL maintains a clinically complete pharmacy program for your patients and supports improved health outcomes and lower total medical costs. In addition to the usual exclusion for over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, certain classes of drugs with OTC alternatives are excluded from the VPDL (e.g., allergy and stomach acid), as well as lifestyle drugs (e.g., drugs for weight loss, smoking cessation, and erectile dysfunction).

Viewing Patient-Specific Drug Coverage Information

The eligibility and benefit tool on the secure, CIGNA for Health Care Professionals website has been enhanced to allow health care professionals to view the drug list associated with a patient’s CIGNA Pharmacy plan. To access eligibility and benefit information, including the drug list, go to www.cignaforhcp.com. Your patients also have access to the drug list aligned with their plan through the secure myCIGNA.com customer website. The drug list posted on www.cigna.com will include a notation next to medications that may not be preferred drugs for some CIGNA Pharmacy plans.




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