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March 2011


Integration Updates

Updates to the Secured Provider Portal — www.gwhcignaforhcp.com

Eligibility and Benefit Detail

The Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry tool on the Secured Provider Portal(www.gwhcignaforhcp.com) can now be searched 18 months in the past and 30 days in the future. The “Benefits as of” field shows the date of the eligibility and benefits information displayed. On the response page, you can now change the “Benefits as of” field to view eligibility and benefits information effective on another date.

Users Guide

The Secured Provider Portal User Guide has been updated and is now available on the website, www.gwhcignaforhcp.com > Important Updates. Refer to the User Guide for step-by-step directions to: log in to check the detail of processed claims, confirm the eligibility and benefits of a patient, submit precertification requests and update demographic information about your practice or facility

Web Address

The Secured Provider Portal new address is www.gwhcignaforhcp.com. Please update your bookmark to the new address. The former address, www.greatwesthealthcare.com/providers, will still take you to the correct website, but users are directed to an interim page reminding them of the new address. 

Secure Websites

In the coming months, you will learn about plans to transition to one website for both networks. Until that time, please continue to use CIGNA's separate websites for health care professionals to access directories, reference guide, and administrative tools that can help you and your staff work more efficiently.




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