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November 2011


Cigna announces a change for the better

You may have noticed we have a new look – our logo, our colors, even the way we write our name are new – but it’s more than that! We’ve launched a new global brand with images and stories that are simple, but powerful: Cigna has the people and programs to work with you to help improve the health and well-being of every customer, so that they can enjoy a better life.

We recognize that everyone you treat is unique, and want to work with you to deliver personalized health support – support that can help you build stronger patient relationships, deliver better outcomes, and makes the job of delivering personalized care easier and more rewarding. Cigna can help support and nurture your patients’ unique strengths to help them achieve their full potential.

Here are just some of the changes you may have seen or will notice in the coming months. Please note these changes will not occur all at once, but will happen over time. Existing ID cards and other materials are still valid.

Our Name. We are still Cigna, but now you’ll see that we are using both upper and lower case letters. Research with customers, clients and health care professionals tells us this is friendlier, easier to read, and more customer-centric – a better representation of who we are and what we stand for.

Our Logo. We’ve changed our logo to reflect our focus on our customers and our commitment to connect people with quality health care. You’ll still see reminders of our rich history in the tree motif, but we’ve added a human figure and fresh new color.

ID cards. Starting in November 2011, we started issuing new ID cards for some of your patients with Cigna coverage. Initially, these new ID cards will not include the logo, but they will include the same information that appears on the cards today. Please continue to use the ID card for important information about call, claim, and service channels.


Explanation of Payment. Starting in October 2011, some of the EOP forms you receive from us have a new look. These updated EOPs include the new logo on the forms and attached checks.

Redesigned Cigna.com. In addition to displaying the new logo and the new way we write our name, our more user-friendly public website includes information about the benefits of Cigna and important information for you and your patients.

Cigna for Health Care Professionals website. Next year, we’ll unveil a newly designed secure website, one that can help you locate the information you need quickly, and perform functions more efficiently. The new site for health care professionals will match the look and feel of the redesigned Cigna.com and include added capabilities, enhancements to the tools you use the most, and workspace utilities that can make the site easier to use.

We’re not changing the resources you use today and have come to rely on when you need to contact us:

  • Electronic services and tools
  • Website addresses
  • Claim addresses
  • Claim submission processes
  • Customer service channels

As you can see, these efforts reflect our commitment to providing better support for you and our customers. Look for more information in future editions of this newsletter.

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