2013 Web Meetings

December 2013: Reinsurance Assessment Fee: Facts and Impacts

In this interactive web session, we provided an overview of the Reinsurance Assessment Fee, which is a three-year fee that begins in 2014 and impacts both insured and self-insured commercial medical plans.

Our insights and discussion helped attendees to understand impacts and key dates associated with the Reinsurance Assessment Fee.

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September 2013: Essential Health Benefits, Cost Sharing Limits and Benefit Plan Designs

In this interactive web session, we discussed the impacts of Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) and cost-sharing limits on employer group plan, including:

  • Why large employers need to understand and take action relative to EHBs
  • Steps to take during benefit planning
  • How to evaluate and comply with new benefit design and out-of-pocket maximum rules

We brought insight to help our attendees understand why it is important to select an EHB state, and how they may need to adjust benefit plan designs.

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August 2013: Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebates

To answer questions about MLR rebates and how employers can use them, we sponsored a seminar featuring the Groom Law Group. This web meeting provided an overview of how MLR rebates are determined and the rules organizations must follow in sharing rebates with their employees.

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June 2013: Public Exchanges – Impacts and Readiness
In this interactive web meeting, we focused on pressing information as we approach the initial open enrollment of the new Health Insurance Marketplace, including:

  • Operational readiness and impacts on insurers, employers and individuals
  • Highlights of the most significant developments, including roles for brokers
  • Review of Cigna's position and plans for public Exchange/Marketplace participation

Our insights and examples helped bring understanding to this swiftly changing marketplace, and how it may affect consumers, employers and brokers.

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March 2013: Insights Heading into 2014
In this interactive web meeting, we discussed the latest regulations impacting employer-sponsored plans–critical information to help develop strategies for 2014 and beyond. Topics covered include: what will trigger employer penalties in 2014; how “affordability” is defined for individuals versus employers; what employers need to know about Essential Health Benefits; the difference between the Actuarial Value and Minimum Value calculators; and other provisions that will impact employers. Our insights and examples will help ensure your ongoing compliance with the legislation.

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2012 Web Meetings

November 2012: Public Policy, New Fees/Taxes and Essential Health Benefits
In this session, we brought to life the latest info on public policy and politics, new fees and taxes, and what we know so far about how Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) are evolving. We looked at which states are furthest along in defining their benchmark plans for EHBs and what this means for 2014 benefits strategies. We offered our constituents the opportunity to gain clarity around confusing terms like: "Essential Health Benefits," “Minimum Value” and “Minimum Essential Coverage." And, we provided actionable insights about how employers and benefit advisors can ensure ongoing compliance with the legislation and be proactive in their efforts.

August 2012: Understanding Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebates
To answer questions about MLR rebates from benefit consultants and fully insured employers, we sponsored a seminar featuring the Groom Law Group. This web meeting provided an overview of the MLR provision and rebate process, followed by an intensive question-and-answer session.

July 2012: The Supreme Court Ruling – What it Means for You
In this web meeting, we went beyond the recap to delve into the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the individual mandate as constitutional under Congress’ taxing authority. We covered the nuances of the ruling while discussing policy and business implications for individuals, businesses and benefits advisors. We also outlined the potential impact of the upcoming presidential and congressional elections on PPACA’s future, and provided a fresh look at near-term provisions to help position our stakeholders.

May 2012: Preparing for the New Exchange Marketplace
As the Exchange marketplace continues to develop, employers, brokers and consultants are eager to better understand the potential impacts on our industry. In this session, we provided an update on regulatory status, state readiness and evolving Exchange models. We also went through common employer scenarios and reviewed strategic considerations employers can take today to be prepared for 2013 and beyond.

March 2012: Rolling Out the Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Our March web meeting began with a lively policy and politics briefing on the federal budget and relevant legislative and regulatory issues. We also offered an update on the national elections and insights into the Supreme Court and judicial processes as they relate to health care reform. Our feature topic, the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), focused on the February 9th final regulations and recently issued FAQs. We presented key differences between the notice of proposed rule making and the final regulations, which highlighted roles and responsibilities along with the triggers and timing for compliance. We fleshed these out with examples, and talked about what Cigna is doing to assist our stakeholders.

February 2012: “Essential” Education
Our first web meeting of the year provided a packed regulatory, legislative and political overview including an update on the 112th Congress’ second session, a summary of the relevant provisions, a discussion of the federal budget situation and a synopsis of the upcoming Supreme Court challenge. Our feature topic, essential health benefits, included insights and analysis from the October 2011 Institute of Medicine recommendations and the December 2011 Bulletin. We outlined in detail the implications of the state-by-state approach for all stakeholders, and our panel of experts fielded questions from our record number of participants.

2011 Web Meetings

November 2011: Gearing Up for 2012 and Beyond
Reform topics included: the "Super Committee's" deficit reduction plan, analysis of the potential outcomes of the 2012 Supreme Court perspective on 2012 elections, rule status review of upcoming provisions, potential compliance delay for Summary of Benefit and Coverage, and employer considerations on preparing hearing, for 2012 and beyond.

September 2011: The Latest on Exchanges and the Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Reform topics included: the latest exchange development, overview of states’ various stages in establishment, and proposed regulations on exchanges published July and August 2011, an update on Summary of Benefits and Coverage proposed regulations published August 2011, and the final rule issued February 9, 2012.

July 2011: Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Reform topics included: the standardized Summary of Benefits and Coverage, including format, delivery and timing requirements and the penalty for non-compliance.

May 2011: Transforming the Care Delivery Marketplace
Reform topics included: potential outcomes of Supreme Court rulings, an update on state insurance exchanges, as well as current changes and trends transforming the care delivery marketplace accelerated by reform.

February 2011: Exchanges 101
Reform topics included: legal challenges to the Individual Mandate, the development of state insurance exchanges, including structure and requirements, and coverage levels and aspects of qualified health insurance plans.

January 2011: Strategic Cost Considerations
Reform topics included: PPACA court challenges, provision activity around Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit and the Coverage Gap Discount Program, interim regulations issued in December 2010, Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) rules, clarification on Flexible Spending Account debit cards, and insight into strategic cost considerations in the reform era.

2010 Web Meetings

November 2010: Post-Election Legislative and Health Care Landscape
Reform topics included: the post-election landscape and the potential implications for stakeholders, and updates on the grandfathered status amendment and medical loss ratio (MLR) methodology.

September 2010: Health Care Reform Readiness
Reform topics included: the status of medical loss ratio (MLR) calculations, the appeals process, annual/lifetime limits and the annual dollar limits waiver, changes affecting health savings and reimbursement accounts, and implications of grandfathered status provisions and cost-saving opportunities driving the shift.

July 2010: Interim Final Health Care Regulations
Reform topics included: some early interim final regulations and their impacts on plans and costs, the Patients’ Bill of Rights, preventive services provision and the value of grandfathered status.

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