Toolkit resources

Getting started: health for myself

Getting started on the path to better health:

Learn the importance of each challenge
Create your plans

Colorful Plates: how much?   

Minutes in Motion—put active play in your day  

Power Breakfast     

Snack Attack          

Smart Servings: how much?  

Drink Think: how much? 

Get tips and track your progress

Choosing Colorful Plates—tips to add more fruit and vegetables into your day

Minutes in Motion—fun ideas to keep you moving

Minutes in Motion—add strength and flexibility to your week   

Choosing Power Breakfast                    

Snack Attack...balance your way        

Smart Servings—portion distortion and distractions             

Drink Think: Caffeine              

Drink Think: Calcium

Stay on track while you’re at work

Colorful Plates at Work           

Minutes in Motion at Work           

Power Breakfast at Work      

Snack Attack at Work            

Smart Servings at Work         

Drink Think at Work