Individual Dental Insurance FAQs

Can I just have a dental plan and not a health plan?

Yes, Cigna offers a variety of dental plans without health plans in 49 states plus D.C.

If I already purchased medical insurance through another insurance company, can I purchase dental insurance from Cigna?

Yes, Cigna is pleased to offer a variety of dental preferred provider organization (PPO) plans to people of all ages. You don’t need to purchase a Cigna medical insurance plan to buy dental insurance.

Learn more about Cigna dental plans offered in your state

Who do I call if I want to add dental insurance to my Cigna medical plan?

If you already have Cigna Individual or Family medical insurance and you wish to add dental insurance, simply call 1.877.484.5967 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (ET), Monday through Friday.

Can I select Cigna dental insurance for only some of the family members on my medical policy?

Yes. If you choose to add dental insurance to your Cigna medical policy, you may elect to cover only some of the family members covered on your medical plan. However, you may choose only one Cigna dental plan per family.

How much does dental insurance cost?

View dental plans here or call 1.866.438.2446 to get a quote from a licensed Cigna agent. If you are an existing Cigna customer and need a dental plan today, please call 1.877.484.5967 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (ET), Monday through Friday and one of our licensed agents can assist you with more information and a dental quote.

Does Cigna offer other dental programs other than insurance?

Yes. The Cigna Dental Savings Program is an affordable alternative to insurance that helps you save on dental care expenses for you and your family. The Cigna Dental Savings program is not dental insurance – it is a discount program for dental services. There are three discount programs to choose from and each one offers different ways to save. Visit to learn more about this program.