Getting Started with Cigna

Getting Started
with Cigna

Health Insurance Basics

Health Insurance Basics

Premiums and copays and deductibles, oh my! Before you can decide on an insurance plan – you need to understand the costs associated with a plan and what those costs mean to you. Visit this section to get a crash course in all of the numbers around health insurance so you can get a better understanding of your total cost of care. Learn more about Health Insurance Basics

Understanding Open Enrollment

Understanding Open Enrollment

Between “Health Care Reform” and “Federal Financial Assistance” there is a lot to understand about Health Care Open Enrollment. In this section we’ll prepare you for Open Enrollment with a checklist of items, important dates, and even show you how to get a quote for a health plan.  Learn more about Open Enrollment

Cigna's Provider Networks

When you choose a doctor or hospital in Cigna’s network, you’ll pay less out-of-pocket for the health care services you receive. Learn more about the Cigna network available in your state, and find a doctor in our network. Learn more about Cigna’s Provider Networks

Health Insurance Marketplace

Understanding The Health Insurance Marketplace

You’ve probably heard about the Health Insurance Marketplace ( or your state marketplace, but perhaps you’re confused about what the marketplace is for or why you might want to use it.  In this section we’ll help you understand the Marketplace and the plans that Cigna offers. Learn more about the Marketplace

Get to Know Cigna

Getting to Know Cigna

Once you get to know Cigna, and learn about our level of services, our enrollment promise, our quality provider network, and our budget-friendly health and dental plans – we’re sure you’ll choose Cigna. Learn more about Cigna