2014 Cigna Medicare Rx® Plans

Plans Overview

Simple secure savings – What’s important to you?

At Cigna, we've been helping people lead healthier, more secure lives for many years by offering Medicare prescription drug plans (PDP) tailored for individual needs. Our plans are simple to understand and designed to save you money. 

Cigna offers three Medicare PDP plans, available nationwide, designed to provide individuals like you the drug coverage you need at an affordable price. Our 2014 plans include the Secure, Secure-Xtra and Secure-Max PDP plans that offer unique choices for:

  • Preferred and non-preferred pharmacies
  • 90-day supply refills through home delivery services
  • Gap coverage
  • Flexible copay and deductible payment options

Our Medicare prescription drug plans feature:

  • Extensive drug coverage - Our plans cover over 5,300 medications; one plan even covers 99% of the most commonly used drugs by Medicare participants today. See if your medications are covered!
  • A national network of over 62,000 retail pharmacies, including preferred pharmacies, so it's easier to fill your prescriptions.
  • Access to a team of Medicare Part D experts who can answer your medication questions and work with you and your doctor to find lower cost alternatives to brand-name drugs - saving you money.
  • FREE discounts and extras to help you focus on staying healthy, as well as programs designed to help keep you well.

For more information about all our plans and their features, download our consolidated Information Guide.

Choose your plan

When choosing a Cigna Medicare plan, be sure to consider the medications you are currently taking, as well as annual premiums, deductibles and coinsurance/copays. To find the plan that meets your needs, please refer to our plan detail page.

Star Ratings

The Medicare Program rates how well Medicare Prescription Drug Plans perform in different categories. Here is the current Medicare report for Cigna's Medicare Rx plans.
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