Medicare Part B vs. D

Your Cigna Medicare Advantage plan covers many of the medications you need to make the most of your health.

But how your Medicare plan covers certain medications, medical supplies and equipment, can vary.

Medicare is made up of several parts

Part B is your Medical coverage. This part pays for things like doctor visits, lab tests and home health care.

  • Medicare requires that certain medications and durable medical equipment (like diabetic test strips, nebulizers and wheelchairs) be covered under Part B.
  • You may receive your Part B medical coverage through your former employer, through a stand‑alone plan or directly from Medicare.
  • You need to pay a Part B premium to Medicare every month.

Remember, just because you can purchase an item at a pharmacy does not mean it is covered by your prescription plan, however health supplies or equipment may be covered by the medical part of your Medicare plan, Part B.

Part D is your pharmacy (or medications) coverage. This part pays for the medications you may take regularly to manage for example, heart disease, high cholesterol or asthma, or for medications you may take for a short time such as antibiotics.

Cigna Medicare Rx (PDP) provides your pharmacy or (medications) (Part D) coverage.

Many retail pharmacies cannot bill a medical plan for Medicare medical prescriptions (commonly referred to as Part B drugs) or medical equipment.

If you need Part B drugs or medical equipment, ask if your pharmacy is able to bill your medical plan directly. Or consider using these types of specialty service providers:

  • Medical equipment
  • Home infusion
  • Home health care
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Medical specialty service
  • Mail order pharmacy

If you need help finding a specialty provider, please contact us.

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