Getting Started

This general information is being provided to help you to choose the best Medicare benefit plan for you or a family member. Cigna offers prescription drug plans in all states. In the state of Arizona, integrated medical and prescription drug plans, otherwise known as Medicare Advantage plans, are available in certain counties. And, Cigna-HealthSpring sells Medicare Advantage plans in some states as well.

Use this checklist to make sure you have all the information you'll need to find a plan that best meets your needs:

Medical coverage considerations (for Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona)

Think about your current health and how that impacts your coverage needs. 

  • How important is it to have predictable medical expenses?
  • Do you need a low or high level of financial protection from unexpected medical costs?
  • Compare the costs associated with each plan. There are several costs to consider:
    • Monthly premium amount
    • Copays when you visit the doctor
    • What you pay for hospital care and any coverage limits
    • What you pay for other medical care such as skilled nursing, lab and X-ray services
    • If the plan has deductibles that you must meet before the plan pays for services
    • What your coverage for routine screenings will be
  • Does the plan offer extra programs to add to your savings?
  • Determine if dental coverage and vision and hearing coverage is offered
  • Determine if the plan offers discounts or incentives on fitness and wellness programs

How to Enroll

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