Cornerstone Fitness - Just Walk 10,000 Steps a Day

Most of us know regular exercise is important but it isn't always easy finding time to fit exercise into a busy schedule. Just Walk 10,000 Steps a DayTM can show you how to benefit from consistent, shorter sessions of physical activity throughout the day. Wellness programs can improve overall health and well-being while promoting a positive outlook.


Cigna Discounts from Healthy Rewards - Just Walk 10,000 Steps a DayTM


Just Walk 10,00 Steps a Day offers Helpful, Easy-to-Use Components.

- An ACCUSPLIT AX 2710 Accelerometer pedometer with a 99 percent accuracy rating and five year warranty. This includes a sturdy clip and safety leash and simply by wearing your pedometer, you can measure daily progress toward 10,000 steps.

- Your pedometer will come with educational materials including a walking handbook, stretching exercises with illustrations, paper "steps trackers", weekly online motivational newsletters, and an online "steps equivalent" chart to help you convert other activities, such as biking or weight training, into steps.

- The eight (8) week online program lets you to log your daily steps, track your progress and access coaching tips and fun facts.

- After the first eight weeks, you get the option to extend your online walking program by purchasing the 52-week step-up maintenance program.


Join this fun, simple, eight-week program for only $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Sign Up Now!