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Favor Your Feet:
Tips for Caring for Your Feet - Before and After the Race

There's a lot to do to prepare for the upcoming Walt Disney Marathon Weekend, including training hard, staying hydrating and stretching. It's also very important to take proper care of your feet so they will get you across the finish line.

Below are several tips on ways to care for your feet before and after the marathon as recommended by Cigna podiatrist and medical director, Dr. Arlene Polakof:

  • Select a good pair of shoes: It's very important to have a shoe that offers plenty of cushioning to support your foot and has room for your toes to spread out. If your shoes are worn out, replace them. Worn down heels on your shoes could cause shin splints and heel pain. Be sure to break in your new shows before the race. Do not wear brand new shoes for the run.
  • Wear cotton blend socks: Cotton blend socks absorb moisture and keep it away from your skin so your feet can breathe. Bring an extra pair of socks if needed.
  • Cut your toenails short: Your toenails protect your toes, so you need to take care of them. Cut them straight across so you don't get an ingrown nail.
  • Keep your feet dry: While training and after the race be sure and keep your feet dry and change your socks or air out your feet after you are done running so you can avoid getting a fungus infection like Athlete's Foot. Powder your feet prior to putting on your socks.
  • Cool your feet: Ice packs or cold presses can help with inflammation of your heels and joints of your feet after the race.
  • Stretch and massage your feet: There are stretching exercises and massage techniques that can be done before and after walking that can help with pain in your heels and the balls of your feet.
  • Prepare for blisters: Try using an anti-blister cream or stick or wear two pairs of socks to prevent your feet from rubbing against the inside of the shoe.

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