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Getting your family involved

Cigna values your health and supports your efforts to live a physically active life by running in the Walt Disney World ® Marathon Weekend. Training for a long distance run is time consuming and can often be a very solo endeavor. By getting your family involved, you can help your kids become more physically active and eat better. And as an added bonus, you’ll get to spend more time together as a family. Here are some tips on getting your family in on the fun:

  1. Let your loved ones in on your plans: Explain your goal-setting and how the race will test you physically and mentally. Make sure they understand that training will be time-consuming and that you’ll need their full support to succeed. And let them know that it’s their smiling faces that you’ll be looking for as you finish that last mile!
  2. Set individual and family goals: Training with your family is an excellent opportunity to teach them about goal setting and achievement at an early age. Help your family members establish goals and ensure that everyone gets a chance to celebrate a success as you train, whether big or small!
  3. Coordinate meeting points along the course: Have your family be part of the experience by personally handing you water or a sports drink on race day. Just make sure to let your family know in advance what you’re wearing so they can spot you in the crowds and vice versa.
  4. Make race day a family affair: There are events at for everyone! The Disney Family Fun Run 5K lets adults, teens and tweens participate and enjoy the experience together as a family. You can also introduce your younger children to running by enrolling them into one of the runDisney kids races.

“ The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is a great example of an event that helps Cigna support child wellness issues as part of our corporate responsibility initiative, Cigna Connects. As important as it is to encourage our children to be active, if the entire family commits to healthy lifestyle choices, our kids are much more likely to enjoy and participate in healthy activities," says Mary Engvall, Cigna Corporate Responsibility Manager.

Cigna supports your decision to participate theWalt Disney World Marathon Weekend and encourages you to get your family involved in your commitment to be active and live healthy. And remember, while you may be one runner among thousand, you are one of a kind. GO YOU.

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