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Getting mentally motivated

Cigna values your unique strengths and supports your efforts to reach your full athletic potential by running in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. And we want to make sure you are physically and mentally prepared so you can be at your best on marathon day.

  1. Keep a training log: A training log will help you stay motivated as you track your daily progress. All you need is a notebook to record the date, times, mileage and maybe some comments about your feelings after every workout session. These entries will serve as reminders of your progress.
  2. Stay positive: In order to keep up your optimism, shift your internal dialogue to reflect a positive mindset. Come up with a short phrase that you can chant repeatedly in your head when running. This could work like an inner motivation to keep you centered and focused.
  3. Reward yourself: Treat yourself occasionally to a body massage or to new running gear. Periodic rewards will help you feel energized and will reinforce your commitment to your training.
  4. Connect with other runnersFind a running club in your local area or reach out to friends, family members or co-workers that you know are already training or may be interested in training with you. These connections will be an excellent source of support when you’re feeling nervous or unmotivated.
  5. Cut yourself some slack: There are times when work, family, and life in general will prevent you from training. You should not be too hard on yourself, as these things will happen. Accept that there will be missed days or bad days and get right back on track, when possible.
  6. Last but not least … Have fun: This may be the most important tip to ensure you have a successful race. As Cigna Medical Senior Director, Dr. Douglas Nemecek says, "Love your run and remind yourself that running is a fun and positive activity. Happy runners have been shown to have fewer injuries, and to run farther, faster, and easier than unhappy ones."

Mental preparation matters as much, if not more, than the number of miles you log each week. The ability to keep a positive mindset can make or break your performance. Follow these motivational tips, and enjoy your run.

We want to congratulate you again for making the commitment to run in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna. We know you can do it. And while you may be one runner among thousands, you are one of a kind. GO YOU.

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