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Ready...Set...GO YOU

At Cigna, we support and nurture the unique strengths of each of our customers to help them reach their full potential. We applaud your commitment to run in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend events, and understand that each of you will prepare for this race in your own way. Here are some general tips from Cigna so you can finish strong!

  1. Check in with your doctor – Whether you’re an experienced runner or this is your first time trying a long distance run, it’s a good idea to get a health assessment before you begin a training program. If you have any issues, like arthritis or an old sports injury, talking with your doctor about your plans is a safe and practical approach.
  2. Make a plan – Before you hit the pavement or purchase equipment, you should educate yourself on all aspects of marathon training and find a training plan that fits into your schedule.
  3. Invest in the proper running equipment – Two marathon essentials are clothes and running shoes. Before you buy, have an idea about the best shoe for your foot and running style. Comfort is key to any running program.
  4. Make eating right a priority – Fuel your body with a healthy diet. The foods you ingest play a vital role in your body's performance. The better you eat, the better your body will perform.
  5. Have fun – Enjoyment is a great motivator. If you’re not having fun, you’re less likely to follow through with your training program. Recruit your friends and family to support you and help you train. And congratulate yourself on every victory, no matter how small.

Cigna wants to prepare you with tools and information you need to succeed. Follow these simple guidelines, and be on the lookout for specific tips and training advice in the coming weeks.

Congratulations for making the commitment to run in the Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna. We know you can do it. And while you may be one runner among thousands, you are one of a kind. GO YOU.

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