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Why We Sponsor

The WALT DISNEY WORLD® Marathon Weekend is a blue ribbon event that combines fun, family and physical activity in a magical way. Cigna is intently focused on helping people improve their health and well-being. Presenting this event with Disney enables us to reach thousands of people and celebrate their efforts to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

We live our mission. Cigna runners participate in all the races. And we invite all runners and guests to visit the Cigna booth at the Disney Health & Fitness Expo and Family Reunion Area tent for healthy lifestyle information, giveaways and activities.

Cigna understands that meeting a fitness milestone — whether it's running a race for the first time or meeting personal race goals at any length — is cause for celebration. And Cigna is proud to help runners of all ages celebrate the magic of health at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Marathon Weekend.

Rooted in the strong tradition of insurance, Cigna defines health as more than the absence of sickness. To us, health is intertwined with a sense of well-being and security. Our relationship with the people we serve goes deeper than coverage and claims.

It's about understanding the obstacles people face in trying to lead a healthier life, then helping them overcome those barriers and change their habits.

It's about understanding that healthier people are more productive, enjoy a better quality of life and lower costs for everyone within the health care system.

And it's about understanding how health, life, accident and disability coverage work together to meet people's emotional, physical and financial needs - for a lifetime.

Whether people are having babies... getting in shape... running a marathon… managing a chronic disease... overcoming illness or injury... or just coping with life... we are at their side, around the world, helping them improve their health and well-being.

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