Are you ready for wellness?

While there are many good reasons to implement workplace wellness programs, an essential first step in ensuring both short and long-term success is to ask a few important questions. Your responses will help you implement an approach that most closely meets your needs. Knowing where you're starting will help you set goals that are both appropriate and attainable.

  • Are funds available for health promotion and wellness?
  • Is senior management supportive of employee wellness?
  • Does your organization have an employee(s) who is responsible for employee wellness?
  • Does your organization currently have an active wellness committee?
  • Are you interested in having employees complete a health assessment and/or biometric screening to assist in wellness planning?
  • Are you willing to allow employees to participate in health improvement opportunities at the worksite?

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, you are most likely ready to plan for a comprehensive and successful workplace wellness program! Take a look at the tools and resources available on this website, and contact your Cigna account services representative to learn more about planning and implementing your own health and wellness program.