Community Resources List

Resources for wellness program planning

Be sure to leverage all resources and vendors available to you as you prepare your wellness program. Here are some examples:

  • Assessment and short-term counseling for a variety of concerns, including emotions, substance abuse, stress, relationships, and work
  • Wellness seminars (brown-bag or lunch-and-learns) on dozens of topics (ask for a list)
  • Online self-assessment tools that provide personalized feedback and suggestions, e.g., for depression, substance abuse, diet, and more
  • Online tutorials and articles on many wellness-related subjects
  • Coaching for lifestyle or behavior change
  • Child care, senior care, legal, and financial information
  • Health fair representation, with literature and giveaways

Internal resources

  • Human Resources to provide information on medical, EAP, and other benefits
  • Safety or Corporate Security for information on safety procedures, accident prevention, avoiding crime victimization, etc.
  • Occupational Health for first aid training, health screenings, etc.

    External resources

    • Employee assistance program
    • Health care benefits vendor
    • Other benefits vendors
    • Local physicians, hospitals, dentists, nutritionists, personal trainers, fitness centers, chiropractors, pharmaceutical reps, mental health centers, and other professionals often provide free lectures and screenings

    Recommended websites

    WebMD®Website Links:

    FDA Website Links:

    CDC Website Links:

    The CDC has numerous web-pages on a wide variety of topics and the links below provide information on the major categories available in the CDC website. However, any CDC-sponsored web-page would be approved for member education.

    NIH Website Links:

    Other Government Website Links:

    Special Interest Website Links: