Build a Culture of Wellness

Make Wellness a Part of Your Organization's Culture

  • Top management should proclaim prominently that health is an important value and responsibility for the organization and its employees
  • Hold managers at all levels accountable for facilitating a healthy work setting, and reward them for success
  • Target outdated or dysfunctional policies and practices for extinction
  • Implement and enforce policies that support healthy practices
  • Implement policies where feasible that reduce stress and increase job satisfaction
  • Provide opportunities for exercise during breaks and before and after work, such as a walking and jogging path, fitness room with lockers and showers, discounted or subsidized fitness club memberships, and lunchtime walking or running groups
  • Include plenty of healthy food choices in your cafeteria and vending machines. Provide food storage and preparation facilities
  • Offer on-site wellness seminars, such as "lunch-and-learns"
  • Tailor medical plan benefits to encourage appropriate treatment and preventive care, including a benefit design that incents proper management of chronic health conditions
  • Thoroughly orient new employees to all aspects of the wellness program