Plan for evaluation

It is important to conduct an evaluation after a Health Awareness Day event. The purpose of evaluation is to determine whether or not the event met its goals and objectives, and to guide improvements in future such events - that is, it should tell you which aspects of the planning, promotion, and actual event you should continue, modify, and eliminate, as well as provide ideas for new additions.

There are two sources for feedback - exhibitors and participants.

Both have important information to share. Participants should be asked questions such as:

  • Their overall impression of the health awareness day
  • Their impressions of specific activities and exhibitors
  • How they heard about the event (to assess your communication plan)
  • What they learned and any changes they plan to make as a result of the event
  • Any suggestions for changes or additions at the next event

Exhibitors should be asked about their impressions of:

  • How well organized the event was
  • The physical facilities
  • How many people they reached with their message
  • Their suggestions for improvements
  • Would they participate again?

Participant evaluations can either be given out at the door as people enter and leave, and collected in a covered box for confidentiality, or they can be emailed to all employees who were included in the promotional campaign, to be returned only by those who attended. To increase the response rate, you can give a prize or incentive to all who respond, or enter names into a drawing for a limited number of higher-value prizes.

Similarly, exhibitor evaluations can either be given out in the last half hour of the event and collected in a box, or mailed or emailed to exhibitors immediately following the event.

You can modify these sample exhibitor and participant evaluation forms to measure the goals and objectives for your own event. Printing exhibitor and participant evaluations on two different colors of paper helps avoid confusion.

After the event

The committee chair's (or their designee's) duties after the health awareness day are fairly straightforward:

  • Send thank-you letters to exhibitors, volunteers, and committee members.
  • Send evaluation forms to exhibitors and employees if not collected at the event.
  • Collect, summarize, and analyze the evaluations.
  • Write a report that:
    • gives an overview of the event (activities, exhibitors, approximate number of participants, etc.)
    • presents the results of the evaluations, plus your own and others' observations
    • summarizes what went well and not so well, lessons learned, suggestions for what to do differently next time
  • Share the report with senior leadership.
  • Excerpt from the report as appropriate and share with employees, along with photographs, to generate interest in future health awareness days.