Lay the Foundation

Get the Support of Senior Management

  • Talk to your human resource department to learn the issues that are of most concern to your organization's management (e.g., health care costs, absenteeism, turnover, disability claims)
  • Provide evidence that improving the health practices and lifestyles of your employees will pay off in these areas
  • Provide evidence that a wellness program stands a good chance of improving those health practices

Form a Wellness Committee

  • Recruit representatives from all areas and levels of the organization
  • Choose people with a variety of skills, such as organizing events, motivating people, data analysis, and writing
  • Choose a leader for the committee who understands management's priorities as well as the vision of the team, and can integrate the two

Do a Needs Assessment to Guide Your Efforts

  • Data to determine business needs:
    • Health Assessments
    • Health screening data, usually gathered at a health awareness day
    • Medical/healthcare claims
    • Behavioral healthcare claims
    • EAP utilization data
    • Short- and long-term disability and Workers' Compensation claims
    • Turnover/retention rates and exit interviews
    • Absenteeism rates and reasons
    • Accident/safety records, facility/environmental assessment for sources of risk and stress
  • Data to determine what employees want:
    • Online survey questionnaire
    • Patterns of utilization of previous wellness offerings
    • Focus groups with employees from different departments, locations, and levels of the hierarchy