Why wellness?

Simple. Helping people stay healthy, and avoid disease and illness makes good business sense.

The fact is, healthy people cost less, are more productive, and contribute more to the performance of your organization. If you keep people healthy, you benefit from lower expenses, higher productivity, and higher earnings. Investments in health improvement reduce the development of chronic health conditions. When you lessen health risks in your population, your total costs are lower for medical, pharmacy, behavioral, dental, vision and disability.

Are you looking to support individuals in your organization as they work to maintain and improve their health? This site has everything you need to create a wellness program and build a culture of health and wellness in your workplace.

For more information on workplace health promotion and wellness, contact your Cigna account services representative to learn more about health promotion and wellness support from Cigna.

The Cigna Healthy Kids Challenge toolkit provides tools and communications, including six healthy challenges to motivate and support your employees and their families on the path to better health. Learn more.