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Provider Listing

Find a Provider in Cigna's Open Access Plus Network or Cigna's LocalPlus network
Check to see if your doctor is in our network! We work with most doctors in Tennessee and surrounding areas and are adding new health care providers all the time. You can also search for hospitals, pharmacies, and facilities.

View the State of Tennessee LocalPlus provider directory (PDF * 4.38MB) listing.

View the State of Tennessee Local Plus Provider Directory Addendum

Apply for Transition of Care
If you are receiving ongoing treatment for certain conditions from providers who are not part of the Cigna network, you can apply for Transition of Care benefits to have Cigna arrange to cover these services. Read more information in the Transition of Care form (PDF 3.5MB) and submit the form to begin the application process. The form will be processed once you enroll in a Cigna plan and we receive eligibility information.