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2015: Cigna Choice Fund HSA
Cigna Open Access Plus
2014: Cigna Choice Fund HRA
Cigna DHMO
Cigna DPPO
Health Care FSA
Dependent Care FSA

Cigna Dental DPPO (Dental Preferred Provider Organization) Plan

Cigna Dental DPPO (Dental Preferred Provider Organization) Plan. This plan allows you to get care from any dentist you choose, and the plan will pay the same coinsurance percentage for both in-network and out-of-network providers, based on the type of service. However, you will pay lower fees for services when you use Cigna network dentists. You must file a claim for benefits if you use an out-of-network dentist.

For basic and major care, you first need to meet a deductible each year, after which the plan pays a percentage of covered services. Click here for a Cigna Dental DPPO summary of benefits.

Use an In-network Dentist and Save Money

Before making an appointment, be sure to check if your dentist is a member of Cigna's dental network. Using an in-network dentist saves you money with reduced rates. To find out if your current dentist is in the Cigna network, or to locate a new dentist in the network, check the online provider directory: you can find it on or Click on Individuals and Family, then select Find a Doctor. Search the Dental PPO (Radius) provider network.

Dental ID Cards

When you enroll in the Cigna DPPO dental plan, you will not receive a member ID card. Your dental provider will check your eligibility by calling Cigna. You can print a DPPO member ID card from your secure member site once your enrollment is effective if you want a member ID card to carry in your wallet.