2017 - Cigna acquires Brighter

Cigna evolves the “Go” strategy
Cigna acquires Brighter
Cigna International acquires Zurich Insurance Middle East S.A.L
Cigna is named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices: World and North America
Cigna continues works to reduce opioid dependence
Cigna's TV Doctors promotes preventive care initiatives

2016 - Cigna’s global markets expand with technology

Cigna Global markets expand
Cigna's new Cigna One Guide
Cigna works to reduce opioid dependence
CareAllies, Inc., launches
Health Improvement Tour delivers free health screenings

2015 - Cigna signs the UN Global Compact

Cigna Global Health Benefits introduces CignaLinks® Canada
Cigna signs the UN Global Compact
Cigna commits to the US Department of Health & Human Services 50/90 goals

2014 - Cigna Health Matters® launches

Cigna Health Matters® launches
Samsung launches the “Coach by Cigna™” app

2013 - Cigna acquires Alegis Care

Cigna acquires Alegis Care
Cigna partners with Social Wealth
Cigna enters agreement with Catamaran
Cigna exits a run-off guaranteed minimum death benefit and guaranteed minimum income benefit

2012 - Growth in Medicare

Health Spring acquisition

2011 - The year of GO YOU

New logo and more
New overseas operations

2010 - International and case management growth

CIGNA grows International business
New health coaching services
CIGNA sells Intracorp
First outcomes-based pharmacy contract

2009 - Overseas to China and around the clock service

First comprehensive health care product in China
CIGNA is first to offer live 24/7/365 access

2008 - CIGNA goes West

Great-West Healthcare acquisition

2007 - Advances in health care operations

Sagamore Health Network, Inc. acquisition
Delivering health and wellness programs
Advancing practices in health care

2006 - Voluntary benefits and online tools expand

Star HRG acquisition
CIGNA acquires UK-based vielife Limited

2005 - Benefits technology and management

CIGNA expands Consumer Directed programs
Choicelinx Corp acquisition
CareAllies introduction

2004 - Health care offerings

New health care products

2002 - Best in Show

CIGNA enters Chinese life insurance market
myCIGNA web portal recognized
CIGNA Vision Care

2001 - Recognition of work/life programs

CIGNA Behavioral Health extends post-9/11 services
National recognition for work/life programs
A best place to work in information technology

2000 - Sharpening focus

TimesSquare Capital Management, Inc. launch
Cigna refocuses insurance products

1999 - Focus on global health and life

CIGNA sells property-casualty business to ACE Limited

1998 - CIGNA's stock rises

CIGNA sells life insurance and annuities business
CIGNA stock breaks $200 per share early in the year
SmartSteps launch

1997 - CIGNA serves under represented areas

Healthsource acquisition

1996 - Essential CIGNA launches

CIGNA expands dental offerings
CIGNA Financial Services is born

1995 - CIGNA stock breaks $100 per share mark

CIGNA stock rises

1994 - CIGNA focuses on areas of need

Cigna opens Beijing office
CIGNA launches behavioral disability benefits management
CIGNA sponsors the March of Dimes

1993 - The Tree of Life

CIGNA's new corporate logo
Tel-Drug purchase

1992 - CIGNA is 200

CIGNA celebrates 200 years

1991 - Best corporate education improvement program

Business Week recognizes CIGNA education program

1990 - CIGNA expands network

EQUICOR acquisition

1989 - International and mental health business expands

CIGNA moves to Center City, Philadelphia
CIGNA International Financial Services is born
MCC Companies acquisition

1987 - CIGNA serves Allied-Signal

Employee Benefits for Allied-Signal employees

1984 - Leadership in new arenas

AFIA acquisition
CIGNA first to offer prepaid dental
Reinsuring organ transplants

1983 - CIGNA selects Philadelphia as headquarters

Philadelphia chosen as headquarters

1982 - INA and CG become CIGNA

CIGNA is born

1981 - Announcement of Combination of INA and CG

CG becomes a general business corporation
INA and CG merge

1980 - HMO leadership

INA purchases the nation's oldest HMO

1978 - Expansion into the HMO business

Creating an HMO for Dallas

1977 - Looking at health care costs

Helping employers manage costs

1976 - Streamlining operations

Expansion and unification

1975 - Supporting working mothers

On-site daycare first for Hartford employer

1974 - Employee assistance programs

Offering mental health programs

1970 - Containing costs

INA forms International Rehabilitation Associates

1969 - A new concept in HMOs

Serving a planned city, Columbia, Md.

1968 - A family of funds

CG forms investment fund family and agent training

1967 - Era of expansion

Multiline insurer
Business expansion

1966 - Serving the disabled

MEND initiative grows throughout INA

1965 - People-to-people

INA acquires Pacific Employers Group
Partnering with Project Friendship

1964 - Introducing dental

CG offers dental to employers

1963 - Investing in a vision

CG participates in a planned community

1961 - Blazing new trails

Serving investors with equities
Managing medical costs

1959 - CG enters the computer age

CG begins electronic data processing

1958 - INA enters the computer age

INA begins data processing

1957 - Beginning in Bloomfield

CG moves to Bloomfield, Conn.

1956 - New markets

INA enters life and group insurance market

1950 - A year of landmark firsts

First major medical policy for CG employees
First women officers

1947 - Serve first legacy

CG successfully markets life insurance

1946 - Underwriting overseas

INA establishes international services

1945 - A foundation for the future

INA's in-house training

1942 - The Manhattan Project

INA answers U.S. Army request

1937 - A leader in group health

Group hospital and surgical benefits

1929 - First HMO established in Los Angeles

Ross-Loos breaks new ground
CG offers group pensions

1926 - Insuring the Age of Flight

Meeting the needs of a new industry
CG moves to Hartford

1925 - INA moves to new gateway

INA embraces new development

1924 - CG branches out

First branch office
First group pension

1919 - Beginnings of health coverage offerings

CG offers new coverage
A new reinsurance business

1918 - First foray overseas

INA represents AFIA
CG writes group policy for Gulf Oil

1913 - First group life policy

CG covers the Hartford Courant

1912 - CG offers accident product

CG establishes individual accident product

1906 - San Francisco Earthquake

INA pays in full

1900 - CG paves new ground in financial analysis

CG founds Bureau of Financial Statistic

1898 - The birth of scientific underwriting

INA's marine business on calculated upswing

1897 - First to write insurance in China

INA in Shanghai

1887 - INA overseas

International growth

1871 - Leadership after Chicago Fire

INA pays claims in full

1865 - CG is born

Company creation

1849 - The Gold Rush Era

INA in California

1794 - Protection from the Barbary Pirates

First life policy for sea captain
Pennsylvania authorizes sale of insurance products

1792 - The first marine insurance company

INA is nation's oldest stockholder insurer
Insuring America
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