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Healthier Kids For Our Future®

Our mission is to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those we serve. For children, this means we're tackling the challenges affecting their health today, so our kids can grow into healthier adults tomorrow.

How do you build a healthier future?
Think small.

At Cigna, we understand the powerful connection between the body and mind and that good nutrition is one of the cornerstones of helping to prevent illness.

Healthier Kids For Our Future is a 5-year, $25 million global initiative. Launched in 2019, our program is aligned to three of the 17 leading global challenges identified by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, and Good Health and Well-Being.

In phase one, we teamed up with schools and community groups to reduce food insecurity and connect our partners with the resources they need to solve this worldwide challenge.

In phase two, we added programming to address the mental health and emotional well-being of children, with emphasis on loneliness, anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention.

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Investing in our Community’s Health

Established more than 50 years ago, the Cigna Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, carries out our corporate philanthropy goals of bringing Cigna’s mission to life for individuals and communities around the globe.

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Food Insecurity Grants

We’re always looking for motivated nonprofit partners to help us improve the health and well-being of children. Discover how your organization can help nourish kids and address food insecurity around the world.

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Mental Health Grants

Today’s youth are experiencing a growing number of mental health issues. We are looking for partners with programs addressing loneliness, anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention.

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