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About Us

The Healthier Kids For Our FutureSM program offers personalized and tailored solutions that address childhood challenges, through local partnerships and volunteer opportunities to support program initiatives in our communities.

Kids playing soccer

How do you build a healthier future? Think small.

Healthier kids can grow into healthier adults. That’s why, in our first year, we’re focusing on fighting childhood hunger and food insecurity to help today’s kids grow into tomorrow’s healthy adults.

Being hungry as a kid could lead to poorer health later in life.1 More than 1 in 6 children in the U.S. face hunger2–and that increases to 1 in 4 when we look at the numbers worldwide.3 That’s a lot of stress to put on our children–and our health care system. So the Cigna Foundation is stepping up, and stepping in, to help.

Our commitment

Healthier Kids For Our Future is a 5-year, $25 million global initiative. We’re committed to building better communities and a healthier future–one kid at a time. In 2019, we’re teaming up with schools and community groups to reduce food insecurity–connecting our partners with the resources they need to solve this worldwide challenge.

At its core, Healthier Kids For Our Future is the bridge connecting community organizations and schools with the volunteers and resources necessary to make a difference. Our goal is to bring together the right people, with the right services, at the right time through our extensive volunteer network and grant program. We work with local school districts to understand the needs of their community, provide charitable partners with the tools to fulfill those needs, and mobilize Cigna’s 74,000 employees to deliver better results together–more than we ever could separately.

Dad and toddler girl eating food happy
Kids looking at instructor making food
Young kid at school lunch room with a tray of food
Girl with brother eating watermelon in a kitchen
Mom and daughter shopping for vegetables at the store
Dad and son happy while eating fruits and vegetables
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