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Case Study: 100% Paper Shredding Policy

Case Study: 100% Paper Shredding Policy

At Cigna, any paper records which are no longer needed must be destroyed. We call this our "100% Paper Shredding Policy" and it ensures that confidential documents are not accidentally discarded in the regular trash and that our paper waste is being recycled instead of finding its way to landfills. We provide employees with a blue recycle bin for under their desk or a desk-top cardboard collection box for paper recycling, making the process easy and convenient. Our employees toss the contents for recycling into metal Sensitive Documents/Recycle stations placed around the office floors.

At Cigna headquarters alone, we have avoided emitting over 200 metric tons of greenhouse gas into the environment, which is equivalent to nearly 1,500 cubic yards of landfill space conserved and preserving nearly 5,000 trees as a result of our 100% paper shredding policy. For the remainder of the portfolio, Cigna has avoided emitting approximately 800 metric tons of greenhouse gas, which is equivalent to nearly 6,000 cubic yards of landfill space conserved, preserving approximately 19,000 trees. Additionally the amount of recycled paper through this program has decreased nearly 25% from 2017 to 2018 because our print volume has declined as a result of communications encouraging colleagues to use less paper.


Disclaimer: The report covers calendar year 2018 and unless otherwise noted, excludes the combination with Express Scripts, which closed on December 20, 2018.