Case Study: COVID-19 Disparities Initiative

Cigna targeted several communities (Memphis, Houston, and South Florida) and employer clients to deliver a comprehensive campaign to protect, prepare, and support customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cigna suggested four simple actions to keep individuals, families, and communities healthy and safe and to limit the spread of COVID-19:

  • See yourself as your family’s COVID-19 protector.
  • Access to know what to do at the first sign of symptoms.
  • Find out how to help minimize your COVID-19 risk.
  • Ease concerns about the cost of COVID-19 testing. There are no out-of-pocket costs for Cigna customers.

For Phase One, Cigna sent more than 135,000 S.A.F.E. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to employees at seven large employer clients in Memphis, South Florida, and Houston.

For Phase Two, Cigna hit the road to reach even more communities of color. We repurposed our Health Improvement Tour (”the Tour”) vehicles, which have been traveling the country since 2016 offering free health screenings. During the winter of 2020, the Tour provided free flu shots, PPE, and other COVID-19 resources. The Tour made 25 stops at multiple locations in Memphis, Houston, and South Florida, including local churches, the YMCA, food banks, and other charitable organizations that hosted Tour stops and helped to engage members of the community.

To encourage Black and Hispanic communities to get their flu shots and take other preventive measures, Cigna teamed up with local leaders and influencers, each passionate about improving health disparities, including NBA Hall of Fame legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Campaign Impact Metrics:

  • Reached 5.8 million individuals and more than 1,000 clients.
  • Distributed more than 265,000 items of PPE including 135,000 care kits.
  • Delivered almost 600 flu shots at 25 community events.
  • Donated 1,700 meals.
  • Sent more than 546,000 customer emails, which doubled engagement levels.
  • Conducted a robust multichannel campaign resulting in more than 36 million impressions to spread the word about staying S.A.F.E. during the pandemic.