Case Study: Cigna Partners with the Department of Veterans Affairs to Help Prevent Opioid Misuse

In 2019, Cigna and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs launched a public-private partnership to improve safety and quality of care for veterans with chronic pain, who are at risk for opioid misuse. The aim of the partnership is to educate veterans and their families, the public, and health care providers about safe opioid use; enhance provider and patient interactions around opioid use; and improve delivery of care and health outcomes for veterans.

Through this partnership Cigna will also continue to promote its existing resources for veterans, such as the company’s 24/7 Veteran Support Line. Veterans can also access the 1-in-5 campaign, which is available to the public. The campaign drives consumers to Cigna's new pain resource hub, which provides educational material and resources about pain, how it manifests, how it’s treated, and ultimately, how to manage it as safely as possible. The online hub, which launched in 2018 and contains information for consumers, providers, and employers, is another innovative way in which Cigna is leading the national effort to curb opioid addiction and misuse. Consumers can text 25792 to receive questions to ask prescribers and a link to resources about opioids to review before they meet with prescribers. The online hub also features a simple way to check prescription names to see if they are opioids. Cigna shares information about the campaign and resource kits with its employer clients, with the understanding that opioid addiction has a real and tangible impact on workplace productivity and wellness. The 1-in-5 campaign, including the pain resource hub, is the result of a cross-functional group representing Pharmacy, Behavioral, Medical, Total Health & Network Solutions, and Global Marketing.

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