Building Toward a Transformative Model of Health Care

Health care is expensive, complicated, and fragmented, creating inefficiencies and gaps in care that are deleterious to patients, communities, and health care systems. Our goal as a combined company is to build a better, more sustainable health care system through a transformative model of health care that aligns the industry with the individual. Our model puts the patient at the center of health care transformation by focusing on whole person health and surrounding each customer with the support and resources they need to stay and get healthy.

Our approach is straightforward:

  1. Treat the whole person – mind and body – to keep people healthy, identify and minimize health risks, and ensure quality treatment for those with chronic and acute conditions.
  2. Leverage data and technology to create more connectivity between the individual and the health care system.
  3. Target rapid innovations that deliver real and personalized solutions for individuals and health care providers and make the health care experience simpler.

Encouraging Everyone to Take Control of Their Physical and Emotional Health through a Cigna Ventures Partnership

We continue to build on our preventive care efforts, encouraging people to Go. Know. Take Control® of their health by going to their annual check-up and knowing their four health numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and body mass index).
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Our formula for change can be outlined in three dimensions:




We are committed to delivering a health care experience that is affordable, predictable, and simple for clients, customers, and patients. To keep costs low we work with health care providers who provide quality, cost-effective care. Our coordinated approach to whole person health allows us to keep patients healthy and costs down while our focus on preventive care helps us keep our customers well. We create predictability through “your care anywhere” – telehealth, virtual health, coaching, and access to providers that fit our customers’ specific needs.

Additionally, our innovative marketplace offerings, such as the Patient Assurance Program℠ and Embarc Benefit Protection℠ provide predictability around cost for patients as well as employer clients. Advanced analytics and predictive modeling also create predictability by allowing us to intervene in time to drive better health outcomes, lower the cost of care, and partner with providers. We do this by using data to identify and predict customers who are at risk, stay ahead of potential health risks, and reduce out-of-network claims. This has resulted in a 9% reduction in high dollar claimants. Customers, health care providers, and employer clients are also benefitting from a simpler, more personalized health care experience that integrates medical, behavioral, and pharmacy benefits.

Cigna One Guide®, our concierge health service, meets customers where they are by combining the ease of intelligent digital experiences with the empathy and expertise of a team of personal guides. One Guide makes it easier for patients to choose how and when they want care, helping them to locate high-performing health care providers and appropriate sites of care. Patients who use One Guide report a 133% higher use of preventive care and 50% greater use of high-performing providers.

Expanding Our Impact and Reach

Our combination with Express Scripts® has allowed us to rapidly deliver needed consumer-centric solutions around accessibility.

Embarc Benefit Protection brings together the expertise of the company’s health services, medical management, and specialty pharmacy businesses to make breakthrough, potentially life-changing medicines more affordable and ensures access for those who need it, while protecting clients from the shock of high priced one-time treatments they might not otherwise anticipate. By 2024, the cost of gene therapies in the U.S. is expected to reach more than $16 billion. Embarc Benefit Protection was created with the industry’s projected growth in mind and can grow over time as the need and market for gene and cell therapies increase.

The Patient Assurance Program, which became available 100 days after Cigna and Express Scripts merged, was also created to expand accessibility and improve affordability. The program, which is for patients who have diabetes and rely on insulin, has the potential to reach 700,000 customers and patients. The maximum out-of-pocket cost for insulin under the program is $25 per 30-day prescription for every fill, which will result in an average yearly savings of $505 per patient.

Learn more about how Cigna is leading a national conversation on how to build a sustainable health care system here.

Serving as a Catalyst for Health Care Innovation

Innovation at Cigna happens in several ways, including organic innovation, acquisitions, partnerships, and Cigna Ventures, our strategic corporate venture capital fund and wholly owned indirect subsidiary. Cigna Ventures' mission is simple: to be a catalyst for health care innovation and change that helps improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those we serve.

Cigna’s venture capital platform complements our existing commitment to organic innovation and research and development (R&D) – so we can bring more personalized, outcomes-focused solutions to market faster. Cigna Ventures accelerates our company’s commitment as a partner of choice in health care through its focus on addressing critical market needs for affordability, predictability, and simplicity. It does this by scouting the marketplace for entrepreneurs who are unlocking new growth possibilities in health care.

Cigna has committed $250 million to Cigna Ventures to fund investments in promising startups and growth-stage companies that are making groundbreaking progress in three strategic areas:

  • Insights/analytics;
  • Digital health/experience; and
  • Care delivery/enablement


By investing in and partnering closely with companies that are transforming health care, we work with them to deliver innovations to customers and clients. Each Cigna Ventures partner has a proven track record of delivering improved value and health outcomes. Through these deep partnerships, we collaborate, innovate, and solve for critical market challenges impacting our stakeholders. Then, we introduce novel solutions that address them head on. This type of partnership benefits our key stakeholders because it’s based on information sharing as well as the testing and learning of new tools, technologies, and innovations – all with the sole focus on customer, patient, and client needs.