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Establishing a Blueprint to Transform the Health Care System

Customer needs are changing and Cigna is transforming in response. In the past, conversations around health care were about how to finance "sick care". Rarely did that conversation include the topics of lowering health risks, improving health status, and promoting preventive health interventions.

At Cigna, we see an opportunity to be a catalyst and a convener by bringing resources together to drive change and build a health care system that can be sustained over the long term. We've broken out of the traditional mode of being a health insurer focused on financing "sick care"; and transformed ourselves into an innovative global health service company that focuses on whole person health through physical and emotional wellness solutions.

Case Study: Encouraging Everyone to Take Control of Their Physical and Emotional Health

Cigna built upon our preventive care efforts, encouraging people to Go. Know. Take Control® of their health by going to their annual check-up and knowing their 4 health numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and body mass index).
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Our formula for change can be outlined in three dimensions:

Incentive alignment

Payment and rewards reform

Executional excellence aided by information and insights

With health care costs rising, chronic diseases increasing and a fragmented health care system becoming ever more complicated and difficult to navigate, it's easy to understand the anxiety and confusion people experience when trying to manage their health and the health of their families. By harnessing these three dimensions for change--incentive alignment, payment reform, and executional excellence--we can help to build a better system that produces better results.

Expanding Our Impact and Reach

In 2018, we accelerated the execution of our strategy through the combination with Express Scripts Holding Company (Express Scripts). We now have additional opportunities to accelerate the pace of change, and to help deliver on the critical priority of building a more sustainable model for health care. Together, as we enhance delivery of whole person health, we will address the need for greater affordability, choice, and predictability by leveraging a significantly stronger medical and pharmacy cost position, as well as pairing more actionable insights and analytics with enhanced clinical and care coordination capabilities. Our strategic imperatives of affordability and personalization are central to our brand promise and how we engage and interact with customers.

Delivering Market-Driven Health Care Solutions

We believe that market-driven solutions have a positive impact on improving health and affordability by filling gaps in the health care system. We leverage and fuel the best of the private system’s innovation in partnership with responsible and innovation public program development because we believe that a stronger reliance on market-driven solutions is critical to building a truly sustainable health care system. By harnessing a market driven strategy of incentive alignment, payment reform, and executional excellence–we can help build a better system that produces better results.

Learn more about how Cigna is leading a national conversation on how to build a sustainable health care system in the Corporate Responsibility section of our website.

Disclaimer: The report covers calendar year 2018 and unless otherwise noted, excludes the combination with Express Scripts, which closed on December 20, 2018.