Case Study: Experience Diversity

When we express diversity, we create a space for everyone. When we embrace inclusion, we create a better world.

Diversity brings together different stories – sharing those stories brings them to life and fuels inclusion. Experience Diversity is our annual summit where attendees get to see, hear, and feel diversity in fresh and engaging ways from regionally and nationally recognized speakers, champions, and storytellers. Each speaker offers a unique story that connects people, ideas, and experiences in personal and meaningful ways.

2019 marked the seventh year of the summit, which is held during Global Diversity Awareness Month. More than 500 attendees from across the company and community organizations came together for a shared purpose: to listen, understand, and embrace our uniqueness. The insights, perspectives, and experiences that were shared sparked meaningful moments of reflection, understanding, and action. Our Chief Human Resources and Services Officer shared: “This was one of the most moving experiences of my career. Inspiring, thought-provoking, and amazing are descriptions that come to mind.” A post-event survey indicated that 98% of attendees were satisfied or highly satisfied with the summit. Many shared the positive impact of the summit and key takeaways that included:

  • Honor the human in front of you. Everyone has a story to tell. Take time to listen.
  • We all have biases. We are all human. But if we don’t know, we can’t do better.
  • Show up every day as who you are. Everyone wants a chance to bring their whole self to work.
Two women brainstorming over campaign