Case Study: Global Diversity Awareness Month

At Cigna, we celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month every October. During this annual observation we pay tribute to the diverse values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, and behaviors held by all cultures around the world. Numerous events, activities, and programs were scheduled throughout the month, including:

  • “I am…” mosaic – At Cigna, individual differences represent a mosaic of opportunities, and diversity, equity, and inclusion further enable us to execute on our long-term business strategy and drive the future success of the company. The strength of Cigna comes from the rich tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and experiences of our employees. In an effort to bring our organization’s diversity to life, we launched an “I am…” mosaic for employees to share who they are and see how unique life experiences contribute to the powerful, diverse culture of our enterprise. The “I am...” mosaic features the thoughts and images of thousands of employees and symbolizes how our differences bring us together.
    I Am… mosaic logo
  • Everybody Counts self-identification campaign – At Cigna, we are committed to fostering a culture that values DEI, and ensuring that all employees are able to succeed at work because of who they are. Everybody Counts is Cigna’s self-identification campaign designed to invite employees to voluntarily and confidentially self-disclose certain indicators within our human resource management system. Self-identification helps us continue to build a positive, inclusive, and equitable employee experience.
    Everybody Counts self-identification campaign logo
  • Virtual Film Fest – Employees were invited to watch award-winning documentaries and movies that explored the connection between identity, lived experience, and societal positioning. At the end of the month, the DEI team facilitated Inspiring Inclusive Conversation sessions on the topic of intersectionality, and the importance of understanding how multiple dimensions influence a person’s identity and experiences. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about intersectional identity and engage around the films’ themes. In addition, throughout the month of October, employees were able to sign the Enterprise Commitment to Inclusion, complete their mandatory Conscious Inclusion unconscious bias training, join an ERG, and participate in the annual Employee Giving Campaign.