Human Capital Development

Cigna recognizes that engaged employees, skilled in critical capability areas, are essential to delivering on our mission and strategic objectives. As a combined company, we are investing heavily in a variety of training, development, and upskilling programs that will provide continuous learning and development opportunities for our employees, so that they can grow both with and within our organization.

Cigna’s Talent Management organization optimizes enterprise, organizational, and individual capabilities through organizational development and team effectiveness, learning and development, leadership development and talent mobility, talent planning and solutions, and strategy and operations.

Our people strategy reinforces our mission, strategy, and values and consists of five strategic pillars:

  • Differentiate Cigna as a phenomenal career experience;
  • Ensure effective and adaptable organizational structures and processes;
  • Promote ongoing learning and development;
  • Enable talent readiness and mobility; and
  • Inspire our talent to build a better tomorrow together.

The achievements that we have made in each of the five pillars have been enabled by our commitment to a digitally enabled workforce, diversity and inclusion (D&I), an effective human resources operating model, as well as data and analytics. We measure our success in these areas through metrics, such as retention, diversity of talent, employer of choice, customer satisfaction data (“voice of the customer”), employee engagement and enablement, and enterprise scorecard results.

Career Management

Cigna's new Career Architecture, introduced in 2018, was expanded in 2019 to integrate Express Scripts® and eviCore®. Workday®, our enhanced Human Capital Management System, was launched in early 2019, and further empowers employees by providing them with improved development planning tools, visibility into Career Architecture details, and access to new opportunities. The combination of our refreshed Career Architecture and enhanced Human Capital Management System enables employees to manage their careers and take advantage of opportunities to advance within our company.

In 2019, we launched a learning series designed to help our employees actively manage their careers. These virtual sessions, led by Human Resources facilitators as well as business trainers, introduced employees to tools and resources to help them identify their professional interests, articulate their transferable competencies and skills, and thoughtfully plan to grow in their current roles or prepare for the job they aspire to next.

Cigna provides career development opportunities to employees through a variety of professional and technical career and skill building resources and workshops, learning and leadership development programs, and networking events. We are committed to reskilling and upskilling our global workforce to help meet the emerging needs of our customers and the business.

Cigna University

Through Cigna University, we aim to create a culture that empowers employees to drive their careers and professional development. We are focused on delivering personalized, community-oriented, and future-focused learning to drive successful individual and business outcomes. Examples include:

  • Collaborative resources that link people and functions not otherwise connected;
  • Customized content to meet the current and future needs of the business and employees;
  • Immersive experiences designed to create transformational change in mindset, skills, and behaviors; and
  • Practical learning that creates short and easy-to-grasp information on a variety of topics.

We remain dedicated to researching and finding the appropriate learning opportunities for all employees. Through the use of self-service offerings, employees have access to a variety of content 24/7. In addition, targeted instructor-led training is offered to employees across the enterprise in leadership and individual contributor roles.

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In 2019, the average Cigna employee spent 53 hours on training. 24 hours were devoted to Cigna University course training, with the remaining 29 hours devoted to specific skills training, career development, lifelong learning programs, and external learning pursuits.

Connect for Growth

Connect for Growth reflects our determination to continuously develop talent and foster an ongoing desire to learn. This model focuses on encouraging managers and employees to have quality conversations in which they can set expectations and define a clear path to achieve goals; review performance and employees' contributions to the organization; and align individual career aspirations with organizational priorities. Through these conversations, we strive to create an environment of collaboration, innovation, and engagement.

In 2019, employees and managers in our Human Resources and Services and Technology Departments became early adopters and champions of Connect for Growth. This group has provided us with invaluable feedback and now leads the way for the remaining employees of Express Scripts and eviCore who will begin the transition in 2020.

Remote Working and Flexible Work Schedule Arrangements

Cigna recognizes that there are circumstances under which work at home (WAH) and flexible work schedules arrangements, on either a full-or part-time basis, have the potential to benefit the Company and its employees. Cigna encourages managers to work with employees to discuss such alternative work arrangements, so that they can meet both employee and business needs. With 40% of our total workforce in permanent remote work arrangements in 2019, we recognize the value of these arrangements to both the business and our employees and are committed to making them successful.

To support our virtual population, we provide both managers and employees with a comprehensive series of resources and tools that enable a successful transition to WAH. Our goal is to ensure that the employee experience is productive and positive and that our team members remain connected and engaged regardless of location. In order to bolster the connectedness of our WAH employees, Cigna also offers a virtual employee resource group (vERG). vERG disseminates information about how employees can enhance connectedness and overcome barriers as we “work together apart.”

Cigna’s established WAH and flexible work schedule programs allowed us to quickly transition in-office resources to WAH settings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. In a short period of time, temporary WAH policies, technical support, and additional tools and resources were developed and disseminated to support managers and employees shifting to working remotely without disruption to our customers, patients, clients, or other business partners. During the COVID-19 pandemic only site-dependent staff continued to work in our office locations and at our pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) facilities.

Educational Reimbursement Program

Cigna’s Educational Reimbursement Program (ERP) provides tuition reimbursement and planning guidance for external learning pursuits. It also increases productivity and retention. In 2019, approximately 3,115 employees participated in the ERP program globally, with educational reimbursement valued at $16.5 million, a 37% increase from 2018.

Cigna has partnered with leading universities – including the University of Hartford and the University of Missouri St. Louis – to provide affordable and competitive Masters-level degree programs specifically designed to align with Cigna's strategic priorities. The University of Hartford’s two-year, cohort-based Customized Accelerated Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) Program is available onsite at the Cigna Learning Center at our corporate headquarters or 100% online, and all costs – including tuition, books, and fees – are covered at 100% through Cigna’s ERP in accordance with Cigna’s ERP policy.

The ERP will undergo a comprehensive update in 2020 to fully integrate Express Scripts personnel and to provide all employees with the ability to pursue educational development opportunities via the Cigna ERP portal. The significant investment made by Cigna and Express Scripts will allow the ERP to enhance the available areas of learning and Development and expand access to all Cigna and Express Scripts employees globally.