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Human Capital Development

Having inspired employees skilled in critical capability areas is essential to delivering on our mission and strategic objectives. We offer our employees training and other resources that provide continuous learning and development opportunities so that they can grow with our organization.

Career Management

We remain focused on ensuring that we have the right talent in every role. In 2018, we changed the way we work to help employees drive and grow their career in meaningful ways.

In 2018, Cigna also developed a new career architecture to further empower employees to drive their careers with an expanded set of opportunities to advance within our company. Additionally, we began to utilize an enhanced Human Capital Management System that gives our employees access to improved development planning tools, mentor connections, and a series of additional resources to support career planning and advancement.

Cigna University

Through Cigna University, we aim to create a culture that empowers employees to drive their careers and professional development objectives. We are focused on delivering personalized, community-oriented, and future-focused learning to drive successful business outcomes. Examples include:

  • Social technology that enables sharing and co-creation between people and functions not otherwise connected
  • Curated content by and for Cigna employees
  • Immersive experiences designed to create transformational change in mindset, skills, and behaviors
  • Gamification and new social learning technologies
  • Micro-learning that creates short and easy-to-grasp information on trending topics

Additionally, we offer nearly 20 classes that support employee well-being, employee human rights and non-discrimination, and employee health and safety. Our employee well-being courses focus on topics like mindfulness, meditation, healthy eating, and happiness. Employee rights and non-discrimination classes focus on preventing workplace harassment, discrimination, and organized labor topics. Lastly, health and safety courses focus on workstation ergonomics and workplace violence awareness and prevention.

All employees can access Cigna University 24/7 and content is also made available to family members of Cigna employees.

Cigna employees spent approximately 30 hours in Cigna University course training and an additional 29 hours per year focused on specific skills training, career development, lifelong learning programs, and external learning pursuits.

Connect for Growth

Connect for Growth centers on a growth mindset where we can continuously develop talent and foster an ongoing desire to learn. This model focuses on encouraging managers and employees to have quality conversations to set expectations and define a clear path to achieve goals, review performance and employees' contributions to the organization, and align individual career aspirations with organizational priorities. Through these conversations, we strive to create an environment of collaboration, innovation, and engagement.

All full-time, salaried employees participate in the Connect for Growth program. Connect for Growth is one of the many ways we strive to lead in an ever-changing global business environment through fostering a high-performing and motivated global employee team.

Educational Reimbursement Program

Cigna’s Educational Reimbursement Program (ERP) is designed to support our employees’ growth and development, and increase productivity and engagement by providing tuition reimbursement for external learning pursuits. In 2018, approximately 2,500 employees participated in the ERP and educational reimbursement was valued at $11.6 million, increasing 15% from 2017.

Cigna also offers 2 learning opportunities with no out-of-pocket expenses for employees. The Health Care Compliance Certificate Program is offered online through Quinnipiac University School of Business and School of Law. We also offer a Customized Accelerated MBA Program in partnership with University of Hartford. The 2-year, cohort-based program is specifically designed to align with Cigna's strategic priorities and is available on-site at the Cigna Learning Center in Bloomfield, CT or 100% online. All costs–tuition, books, and fees–are covered at 100% through Cigna's ERP in accordance with Cigna's ERP policy.

The ERP leads the Cigna Scholars Program which offers employees contemplating or currently enrolled in a higher-education program the opportunity to collaborate through mentoring, networking, and peer-to-peer support across the organization through a web-based platform.

Case Study: Iris–Our Digital Workspace

In 2018, Cigna employees were introduced to Iris, our socially collaborative digital workplace. Iris offers us the opportunity to connect with one another in a way that promotes conversation and dialogue about important business issues, current events, and personal experiences.
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Disclaimer: The report covers calendar year 2018 and unless otherwise noted, excludes the combination with Express Scripts, which closed on December 20, 2018.