Case Study: How Cigna Built Successful Teams during a Time of Great Change

Cigna’s combination with Express Scripts® in late 2018 reinforced the need for the Team Effectiveness Toolkit that was already under development at Cigna. The toolkit was conceived to enable leaders to create, develop, and maintain high performing teams with engaged team members. Its creation was based on research from a variety of sources — including Gallup® and Table Group — that highlighted the importance of highly effective teams, showing that these teams produce superior results and are more likely to meet their business goals. The toolkit was created with a dual purpose in mind:

  • Enable Cigna’s Human Resources organization to provide Human Resources-led team effectiveness engagements.
  • Enable the leaders in our organization to have a self-service toolkit for less complicated engagements.

The toolkit was created by the Organizational Development team within Human Resources by incorporating feedback from employee interviews, external research, and industry best practices. By focusing on a variety of team situations, the toolkit helps provide resources for the many situations and challenges our leaders and teams will encounter. The Organizational Development team understands the critical need these resources fill in empowering our leaders and teams, especially during a period of great change.

In 2019, our Organizational Development team, in collaboration with our Human Resources Business Partners, participated in over 150 team effectiveness engagements across the enterprise. These engagements came in many forms including:

  • Team building/getting to know your colleagues
  • How to work together effectively as a team
  • Personality-based sessions
  • Leader feedback sessions
  • Strategy and vision creation

2020 provides an exciting opportunity for our entire Human Resources organization to continue our work helping to empower and enable teams, while also increasing our focus on new leaders in the organization. We are integrating team effectiveness into many talent management programs and initiatives.

We understand that change will continue to affect the health services industry and bring challenges to our company, leaders, and teams. Our Team Effectiveness toolkit will continue to evolve to meet these new challenges and ensure our leaders have the sustainable tools and resources they need to continue building our new culture.

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