Case Study: Mental Health and Well-Being – Focus on Body, Mind, and Whole Person Health

In 2019, we evolved our internal health and well-being strategy to encompass a more holistic, mind-body focus. This shift aligns with our customer-facing Go. Know. Take Control.® campaign promoting whole person health, as well as our long-standing internal focus on providing behavioral health support to employees and reducing the stigma associated with seeking behavioral health care.

In 2019, we saw a 13% increase in employee visits to behavioral health providers and a 15% increase in Employee Assistance Program (EAP) utilization. We view this trend as positive, because it reflects our belief that employees are empowered to seek the care that they need to be well.

In order to provide more accessible mental health treatment to employees in 2019, we expanded our EAP and launched a training for managers on identifying struggling employees and connecting them to support. We also began offering a “Mental Health First Aid” training to employees, which provides guidance on how to support individuals struggling with an immediate mental health crisis. Additionally, we continued our support of, and partnerships with, digital and gamified mental health programs, such as Happify™, an app that provides simple and effective solutions for mental health and well-being. We found that Cigna employees with any level of depressive symptoms who used the Happify app showed a statistically significant improvement in their symptoms.1

To further reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health services, we also partnered with senior leaders in Cigna Behavioral Health and other areas of the business during Mental Health Awareness Month to promote the resources available to employees in support of whole person health. Weekly interviews, employee testimonials, and intranet articles reinforced the message that we all struggle at times, even at the highest levels of the organization.

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1 These results are based on internal data from the 2019 calendar year.

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