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Case Study: Mental Health at Work–Human Beings, Being Human

Case Study: Mental Health at Work–Human Beings, Being Human

Though we often make a clear distinction between our bodies and our minds, the two are not separate in the pursuit of overall health and well-being. Mental wellness is, in fact, connected to physical wellness. Cigna's Healthy Life team took a tactical approach to raise awareness about the ways emotional health and stress can impact our daily lives by providing employee skill-building on stress and mental health. The team launched a campaign using the theme “Human Beings, Being Human” to raise awareness of the programs offered to support employee resiliency and to empower employees to learn how the stigma of mental illness can stand in the way of getting help. This included how to recognize changes in behavior, approaching the topic with a colleague, and how to offer support. Mental Health at Work training sessions were offered throughout 2018 in-person at designated Cigna sites and virtually through Cigna University.

Manager and employee versions of the course were offered to target specific audiences. The course introduces managers to the role they can play if an employee is struggling with heightened stress or a mental health issue. Managers learn how to identify stressors and changes in behavior for themselves and their team, how to get help, and when to offer assistance. The course provides employees with a general introduction to managing stress and understanding the broader topic of mental health. The broader goal is to break down barriers that can stand in the way of recognizing and addressing mental illness as a treatable condition, not a condition that carries a sense of shame or secrecy.


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